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Myotherapy and Massage, 3 key points you need to understand!?

Myotherapy and massage are two distinct professions, with different aims and objectives, health fund rebates, and are different educational pathways.

Though massage may be common with physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors, myotherapists differ in their application method.

A myotherapist offers a wider range of evidence-based treatment approaches in addition to massage, including;

-Dry needling

-Electro-therapeutic techniques

-Exercise prescription

-Education for individual pain management

-Education for load/activity modification, particularly useful for those with professions in trades, including hairdressers and active body builders

-Education for effective lifestyle pain management

Jayden the Myotherapist treating a broken ankle. Performing Myotherapy.

In summary, Myotherapy aims at long term pain prevention including a tailored health plan and rehabilitation exercises where by massage aids short term pain relief and may come with basics stretches but no real long term relief.

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