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Fitness Core Sliders help you achieve optimal range of motion more easily.

Can be used for every muscle group, extremely versatile!
Best tool to help get a Six-Pack or develop that strong core!
The most effective piece of equipment to work out from home!
Great for activation of the thighs, adductor muscles, pectorals, as well as a key step to building that strong core and shoulder strength we all strive for!

Comes with Corrective Exercise Sheets written by a Health Professional along with a reusable nylon bag.

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MyoActive Sliders allow for smooth, elegant, graceful movements.
Gliding exercises are extremely versatile, working multiple muscles while engaging core stabilization throughout the range of motion.
Simplicity of movement makes this unique exercise system adaptable.

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  1. Barry

    They are challenging but great for being stuck in isolation!

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