Why Choose Us?

Why Choose us at Myoactive?

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At MyoActive Sports Medicine we look beyond the superficial injury to effect life changing, permanent improvements and long term results.

Our Myotherapists are leaders in various forms of treatment techniques, some of which are unique to our practice. We have Myotherapists with particular interests and specialising in

Sports, strength and conditioning training,


Marathon running


Workplace assessments

OH&S consulting

Your first consultation is one hour long, taking the time and care to listen to our clients and identify the underlying contributing factors associated with your injury. Subsequent visits are 30 - 45 minutes long.

We provide you with a tailored exercise and care plan that will enable you to continue your rehabilitation and progress at home, minimising your visits to our clinic and saving you money.

The care plan includes a written diagnoses and contributing factors, to allow the client to understand their condition and research further if interested.

Private health fund rebates are available direct at the time of payment with your health fund card.

Our philosophy is to get you back to your everyday life as quickly as possible. Our commitment to the care and recovery for all our clients is the key to a change for your better future.


More reasons to choose us!

Reason #1

Over 90% of our patients come to MyoActive because their doctor has recommended our services or someone they know has been a patient of ours and recommended our clinic. Our Myotherapist is highly skilled and knowledgeable with a caring and professional approach to your rehabilitation needs.

Reason #2

MyoActive Sports Medicine has Myotherapists certified in advanced dry needling and Myootherapists who are treat professional athletes. We communicate with physicians and other key providers as necessary to improve the health of our patients. All Myotherapists are involved in on-going personal development courses, ensuring current and research based treatment approaches.

Reason #3

Many insurance companies will allow us to directly bill for your Myotherapy and Massage Therapy sessions. We are happy to assist you by providing you this service. Please ask us how we are able to do so.

Reason #4

Our clinic is open from early morning until late evening and soon to be Saturday as well, as we know our clients need flexibility and several options in order to book their appointments.

Reason #5

MyoActive Sports Medicine is the home of MyoActive Movement Gear™: High quality exercise and fitness equipment which comes with how to use programs. Our patients say they appreciate the quality of the exericse sheets which is specific to their needs.

Reason #6

We know recovering from your accident or injury is not only painful but stressful. We also understand that our patients are busy and want to reach their goals in a timely and effective manner.We strive to get our patients back to their activities as soon as it is appropriate and safe for them to do so.

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