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Workcover Physiotherapy Burwood East

Welcome to MyoActive WorkCover Physiotherapy in Burwood East

Discover Exceptional WorkCover Physiotherapy Services in Burwood East

Unleash the Power of Expert Physiotherapy

At MyoActive Physiotherapy in Burwood East, we go beyond ordinary care to bring you exceptional physiotherapy services.

With a legacy of over 25 years, our team of experts combines experience, dedication, and a commitment to your health and well-being.

Gap Free - Make a claim for the cost of Physiotherapy services through the WorkCover.

Hands-on Treatment - Your appointment will include time with your Physiotherapist to review your current situation, your goals, and some hands-on-treatment as needed.

Full Access To Dedicated Private Rehabilitation Gym - To get you from wherever you are to where you need and want to be, no matter what your injury or goals are.

Rehabilitation - We’ll help you every step of the way through the WorkCover process till you’re back on your feet and safely back at work.

Help & Advice - If you've injured yourself at work, and not sure if you should make a it a WorkCover claim. Know your options.

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Physiotherapy Burwood East

Our Approach

At MyoActive, we are the experts in helping individuals overcome pain and achieve optimal physical function. If you are suffering from pain or physical limitations, we can help you get back to living the life you desire. Our team of highly skilled dual qualified professionals will work with you to create a personalised treatment plan that addresses the root causes of your pain and help you progress towards your goals.

We are committed to providing expert, compassionate care in a welcoming and inclusive environment, and we have a proven track record of helping our clients move from being in pain to being pain-free.

"Don't let pain hold you back any longer – take control of your health and wellness with MyoActive".

Gap Free WorkCover Physiotherapy Appointments

For WorkSafe Victoria Claims:

  • Eligibility: No Gap is available if you have been injured at work and have an approved WorkCover claim.
  • What You Need: Bring your Workcover claim number, date of injury and case manager’s contact details.
  • No Fees Upfront: We handle the billing with WorkCover for you, resulting in no immediate costs for approved claim appointments.
  • Pending Claims: If awaiting claim approval, full payment is due on the day of service. WorkCover may reimburse you once the claim is approved.

Award Winning Clinic

Why MyoActive?

At MyoActive, we offer a professional, multidisciplinary clinic. Our clinic provides a relaxed, caring, and friendly atmosphere.

Our treatments are precise and result-oriented, tailored to your needs and goals. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding results.

We've received numerous awards, and we're committed to providing safe, qualified, and effective therapy.

Trust is paramount in our client-therapist relationship, and we strive to earn your trust through attentive listening and exceptional care.

Our clinic has received numerous 5-star reviews, and booking with us is quick and easy.

What to expect in your treatment? We provide a personalized experience, working towards your goals and offering exercises to enhance results.

We're not a 'see you next week' clinic; our focus is on your well-being, not frequent visits. We care about your long-term health and strive to make a difference in your life.

Our therapists are dedicated, well-trained, and focused on providing you with the best care possible.

Choose MyoActive because we care about your health and well-being. Trust in our expertise and commitment to your wellness.

MyoActive Awards


98.7% Success On Treatments, Guaranteed Satisfaction

We Help Treat, Sooth & Fix The Following Pains & Injuries:

✔  Lower Back Pain
✔  Neck Pain
✔  Knee Pain
✔  Foot Pain
✔  Shoulder Pain
✔  Jaw Pain (TMJ)
✔  Hip Pain
✔  Hip Flexor Pain
✔  Nerve Pain
✔  Tendon Pain
✔  Chronic Pain
✔  Joint Pain
✔  Sciatica
✔  Subacromial Bursitis
✔  Plantar Fasciitis
✔  Patellofemoral Pain
✔  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
✔  Total Knee Replacement
✔  Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
✔  Frozen Shoulder
✔  Tennis Elbow
✔  Golfer's Elbow
✔  Lymphatic Drainage

Physiotherapy Burwood


You need more than just Physiotherapy

You need to be able to get back to your work and to living your life.

Whether you have an overuse injury, or have had a workplace accident, being unable to work can have a huge impact on your life.

As accredited WorkCover Physiotherapists, we’re here to guide you, from start to finishNot just by helping you with physiotherapy and rehabilitation, but also by supporting you throughout your workcover case. We’re here to take the pressure off you from the day you start with us till when you’re back at work, and even after if necessary.

WorkCover Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation for WorkCover

WorkSafe Victoria Early Intervention Physiotherapy Treatment

With WorkSafe Victoria Early Intervention Physiotherapy Treatment, you can be covered for your physiotherapy and rehabilitation treatment for workplace injuries such as fractures, sprains, and worsening pre-existing conditions.

With a track record of over 250 5-star reviews and having served more than 5000 clients, we take pride in delivering exceptional care and results.



Located in Burwood East, Victoria, our multipurpose clinic supports clients with their workers compensation physio and rehabilitation needs. Your appointments with us will include all the support you need, from hands-on Physiotherapy treatments, to one-on-one rehabilitation sessions with your Physiotherapist in our gym, the opportunity to use equipment in our recovery zone, and support with your WorkCover case.

MyoActive Sports Medicine, is the best reviewed and priced myotherapy, remedial massage, osteopathy, Physiotherapy and personal training clinic in Melbourne which provides physical therapy services from accredited therapists to clients in Burwood, Burwood East, Vermont, Vermont South, Glen Waverley, Mount Waverley, Forest Hill, Wheelers Hill, Nunawading, Heathmont, Blackburn, Oakleigh, Mitcham, Canterbury, Surrey Hills, Scoresby, Springvale, Camberwell, Box Hill, Ringwood, Knox, Rowville, Croydon, Croydon south and Boronia.

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