Get $20 Off Your First 60-Minute Treatment 

That Targets, Soothes & Releases The 

Root Cause Of Your Injury

Our 3-Phase ‘Freedom To Move’ Treatment Plan Helps You To Move Freely Again, Future Proofs Your Body & Protects It From Further Injury


98.7% Success On Treatments, Guaranteed Satisfaction

11,000+ clients
98.7% Success Rate
150+ 5 Star Reviews
Private Gym Faciility
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Finally… Get Fast & Effective Relief With MyoActive’s 3-Phase ‘Freedom To Move’ Treatment & Become Pain-Free

  • Constantly struggle with recurring aches and niggles making your daily life a painful nightmare?

  • Have a sports or gym injury that’s limiting your performance, training routine, progress, or enjoyment?

  • Feel trapped in a stiff and tired body, without the freedom of movement and mobility you once took for granted?

Then we can help.  At MyoActive, our team of qualified Allied Health Professionals with 50+ years of combined hands-on experience can help speed up your recovery and get you moving freely again.  Whether it’s a niggle in the neck or shoulders, lower back pain or issues with your hips or knees, we can help you feel better today.  Our 60-Minute 3-Phase Initial Treatment helps provide fast, effective relief while helping you to future-proof your body for years to come.


98.7% Success On Treatments, Guaranteed Satisfaction

We Help Treat, Sooth & Fix The Following Pains & Injuries:

✔ Lower back, Sciatica, & Knee Pains

✔  Neck, Jaw, & Shoulder Pains

✔  Hip, Nerve, and Tendon Pains

✔  Chronic and Joint Pains

✔  Plantar Fasciitis

✔  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

✔  Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

✔  Frozen Shoulder

✔  Tennis Elbow

✔  Golfer's Elbow


MyoActive’s ‘3-Phase Initial Treatment’ Helps You With Fast, Effective Relief & Future Proofs Your Body

Here’s how we help you in your first consultation and fast-track your recovery while future-proofing your body and protecting it from reoccurring injury:


360 Degree Full Body Assessment 

To accurately identify and treat the source of your discomfort, your first session starts with an in-depth analysis of your mobility, flexibility, and posture. Including a deep dive into your physical routine and daily repetitive movements. 


Hands-On Manual Therapy

Each session includes active and soothing hands-on treatment from a range of therapeutic disciplines, to eradicate pain and increase your range of movement. Our holistic approach to Myotherapy will mobilise your joints, reduce muscle tension and get you moving freer than ever before. 


‘Physical Future-Proofing’ Exercises

Once the pain and tension have been cleansed from your body. Our therapists will build a personalised exercise plan to give you continued protection against future issues and guarantee lasting mobility.


98.7% Success On Treatments, Guaranteed Satisfaction

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Our Range Of Services & Treatments Are Guaranteed To Treat & Fix The Root-Cause Of Your Injury:


Remedial Massage



Dry Needling


Deep Tissue Massage

Strength and Conditioning

Lymphatic Drainage

Personal training


98.7% Success On Treatments, Guaranteed Satisfaction

Jayden Seracino

A Message From The Founder, Jayden Seracino: ‘Why We Offer A Rare 60-Minute Initial Treatment’

I created MyoActive and our 3-Phase ‘Freedom To Move’ Treatment plan because years ago I had a chronic cycling injury.  It plagued me for years and had a huge impact on my career, my personal relationships and made day to day life a painful chore.  After seeing therapist after therapist… they could never fix the issue.  They always tried to spend the least amount of time with me and spent more time trying to book me into my next ‘session’...   

And this is why I created MyoActive.  Every MyoActive Initial Consultation comes with an industry leading ‘60-Minute 3-Phase Initial Treatment’.  This ensures we find the root cause of your injury, provide you with thorough hands on treatment and give you the rehab exercises you need to finally move freely again… and the best part, we guarantee you’ll feel better after your session so you can start enjoying life again.


98.7% Success On Treatments, Guaranteed Satisfaction

We’ve Helped Over 7,000’s Clients All Over Melbourne To Live Free From Pain & Enjoy A Life Filled With Vitality & Well-Being!

Over 10+ Treatments & Services
Whatever you need, we have a treatment for you. We understand pain can develop in many different ways and there are multiple ways to treat and prevent injuries. Ultimately, our team is trained to provide a wide range of services to ensure you’re given the most effective and long-lasting treatment available.
Cutting Edge Facilities
With a 700 square meter gym and dedicated personal trainers, MyoActive facilities are custom built to diagnose, treat, and future-proof your body all under one roof. With easy and accessible parking with 500 available spaces, MyoActive is the go-to Melbourne venue to step into your pain-free life.
135+ 5 Star Google Reviews
We pride ourselves on providing positive outcomes and increased quality of life for thousands of Melburnians, and this is reflected in hundreds of 5-star reviews and the life-changing feedback we receive from our customers week after week.
Qualified Allied Health Professionals
A good therapist is often hard to find. That’s why all MyoActive practitioners are fully qualified and dedicated to advancing their knowledge through ongoing training and education. All our therapists have a minimum of 5 years' experience.
Experts In Hands-On Treatment
Our highly trained professional therapists use the latest hands-on techniques coupled with state of art equipment. We aim to have you moving freely and restore you to pain-free health in the shortest possible amount of sessions.

Hear From Our 1,000’s Of Delighted Clients

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Located In Burwood & Incredibly Easy To Access With Over 500 Available Parking Spaces

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New To MyoActive?

Then You’re Covered By Our Satisfaction Guarantee:

Immediate Results Guaranteed!

We will diagnose the root cause of your issues and start your journey to a pain-free life in 60-minutes, or your money back. 

If you’ve tried other treatments but haven’t had the results you wanted, then we know you might be skeptical.  But the MyoActive team is committed to delivering lasting results and we’re fully confident we can improve your quality of life. 

That’s why we make this promise to anyone looking to free themselves from aches, pains, and reduced mobility:

“If after your first session, you don’t feel like we’ve made progress diagnosing your pain and underlying issue and put you on the fast-track to recovery, you’ll be fully protected by our 100% money-back guarantee. Just let us know you’re not satisfied and we’ll make it right.” *

*The guarantee only applies for first-time customers


98.7% Success On Treatments, Guaranteed Satisfaction

Book Your First Initial Treatment & Save $20

Get A Bonus Tailored Injury Prevention Recovery Plan & Freedom Of Movement Pack (Limited Time Only)

Our 60-minute initial session will provide you with an immediate sense of relief with soothing hands-on treatment and a personalised fast-track plan to get you moving freely and enjoying your life again. 

Here’s what you get in your first initial 3-Phase Treatment: 

360 Degree Full Body Assessment - A deep dive into the source of your unique pains and physical issues to map the most effective and long-lasting path to pain-free living

Hands-On Manual Therapy - Active and soothing hands-on treatment to eradicate pain and increase your range of movement. 

‘Physical Future-Proofing’ Exercises -  A custom-built, personalised exercise plan to give you continued protection and lasting mobility. 

For a limited time only, new MyoActive customers will get a bespoke Injury Prevention Recovery Plan - complete with the equipment you need to keep your body tuned up and defended against further issues. 

Bonus Recovery Formula

After a full-body analysis, our expert therapists will tailor a unique recovery formula to reinforce your physical future-proofing. Not only do we fix your underlying issues, but strengthen your entire body against the future threat of injury, chronic pain, repetitive strain, and bad posture. (Professional Therapeutic Assessment valued at $197)

Bonus Recovery Bands & Lacrosse Ball

MyoActive provides you with free exercise equipment to make sure you get the most from your recovery plan and lock in your Physical Future-Proofing. Used together, you’ll be able to keep your body moving freely and free from pain without constantly coming back for more sessions. 

Book your first session by pressing the button below. 

We’ll reserve your bonuses and you’ll be on the fast track to recovering from the aches and pains for good.


98.7% Success On Treatments, Guaranteed Satisfaction

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