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Nerve Pain Melbourne

Nerve Pain Melbourne look no further!

Nerve pain is very common in adolescents and seems to become more frequent as we age. Nerve pain can certainly cause acute and chronic discomfort at all stages of life and can be extremely debilitating.

Over time if Nerve Pain isn't address correctly it can lead to having to go down the route of surgery or potentially causing long term nerve damage which won't heal with treatments.

This is why seeing a Myotherapist straight away when experiencing nerve pain is extremely important and in most conditions after the initial consultation most patients experience a 50-70% improvement of pain in just one treatment!

Myotherapists can certainly help you with your nerve pain. If you are suffering from discomfort then the issue should not be ignored and that MyoActive will be able to provide a resolution to your problem.

nerve pain melbourne


nerve pain melbourne

Symptoms of Nerve Pain may include:

  • Tingling and numbness, or a “pins and needles” feeling.

  • Pricking

  • Spontaneous pain, or pain that occurs without a trigger.

  • Loss of Strength

  • shooting, burning, or stabbing pain.

As Myotherapist we will listen to your body, the most important thing is to figure out why they keep occuring and develop a plan of attack to prevent them from coming back.

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Causes of Nerve Pain?

Most causes of Nerve Pain is caused due to the compression or entrapment of the nerve.

The most common causes of Nerve Pain are:​

  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

  • Piriformis Syndrome

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

If you suffer from the above symptoms and would like to get rid of nerve pain please visit us so we can assist you in managing your symptoms through our tailored health plan.