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Tendon Pain

Do you suffer from Tendon Pain?

We know that tendon pain can become debilitating and that there are several different types of tendon issues all of which may affect the human body on some level and can, therefore, benefit from assessment, diagnosis and/or treatment from a Myotherapist.

Myotherapists can certainly help you with your knee & leg pain. If you are suffering from discomfort then the issue should not be ignored and that MyoActive will be able to provide a resolution to your problem.

tendon pain


tendon pain

Causes of Tendinosis:

Tendinosis describes a chronic tendon injury with degeneration at the cellular level and no inflammation.

Finally, in recent years, tendinopathy has become the most appropriate term again.

Tendinopathy describes a chronic tendon pain and/or injury.

As a sufferer of tendon issues, they generally flare up when it becomes an overuse injury. Tendon issues are most common in people who do repetitive movements with poor technique and strength which leads to weaknesses.

As Myotherapist we will listen to your body, the most important thing is to figure out why they keep occuring and develop a plan of attack to prevent them from coming back.

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Myotherapy for Tendon issues?

MyoActive Myotherapists are trained to thoroughly assess tendinopathies and will put together an individualised strength and rehabilitation treatment plan to help relieve pain and restore normal function and movement.

Myotherapists provide knowledge on corrective exercises for rehabilitation.

Depending on your presentation treatment may include a combination of the following techniques:

  • Manual Therapy techniques (soft and deep tissue massage)
  • Functional Cupping
  • Dry Needling
  • Stretching & Strengthening Program
  • TENS machine
  • Heat & Ice for tendon repair
  • Taping
  • Postural and Corrective Exercises

If you are experiencing elbow, bicep, patella, achilles tendon-related discomfort, and would like the help of one of our Myotherapists to reduce your symptoms, give us a call on 0422580035 or book online to make an appointment.