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4 Tips to improve sleep!

Improve sleep at home!

This time of year especially with lockdowns you could find that your sleep is more disturbed than normal due to the extra stress and anxiety we all face in different ways from home schooling, missing daily exercise, to managing our careers and health and wellness.

There is a lot you can do to help yourself have a better sleep to ensure you are best placed to perform well at work, cope with stress and change, as well as hit your training goals, too!

Our top ZZZ tips are below:

1. Your body has a natural clock, called the circadian rhythm which is set by exposure to day light. So even in winter try and get outside early in the morning to expose yourself to sunlight and bright light to help keep your circadian rhythm on track.

2. To also help maintain your circadian rhythm its important to try and keep to a regular sleep pattern. That means at least getting up at same time each day, yes sorry, even at weekends too! Irregular sleep patterns will alter your melatonin and knock your circadian rhythm off track impacting your quality of sleep.

3. Relax...especially with Lockdown and cases of covid appearing here and there and the winter months this is harder than it seems to do in many ways. Our favourite ways to relax are a myotherapy treatment or remedial massage, magnesium salt bath, taking ten minutes to do mindfulness and reading a book in the hour or even half an hour before you turn the lights out.

4. Nootropics..do not worry we find it hard to say, but they do work! Nootropics are supplements, and other substances that claim to improve cognitive function, particularly executive functions, memory, creativity, and/or motivation. Nootropics is a growing area and there are a lot of supplements on the market. From taking a magnesium supplement an hour before bed time (or even a banana as its high magnesium and potassium which will help muscles relax).

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4 Tips to improve sleep and maximise work from home!

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