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Athletes to have cupping at the 2021 Games?

Will athletes have cupping marks at the olympics?

Michael Phelps cupping bruises raised eyebrows among viewers at the 2016 Olympics.

Well, that won’t be the last you’ll hear of elite athletes using cupping. Did you know in Japan for the olympics in 2021, recently announced that they will build a “traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) experience center.

The center’s aim is to provide healthcare services and spread awareness of cupping, acupuncture, massage nad other treatmetents for injury and rehabilitation.

The Olympic Games is one of the most internationally influential events, with many athletes over the years winning golds with pictures being taken with cupping marks all over their body.

Western reporters were writing about the benefits of acupuncture and cupping circa the 2008 Summer Olympics with one writer arguing: “Chinese medicine focuses on the athlete and the injury”, in the West, treatment is usually more geared towards just the injury.

A traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis will include taking the athlete’s history of past injuries into account as well as other health issues, sleeping and eating patterns, and the strength of various systems throughout his or her body.

Another writer noted that “During the London Olympics in 2012, acupuncture/dry needling was widely recognized in the Olympic community for its extremely beneficial influence because chronic injuries, as well as ligament and tendon strains/sprains was not responding to other treatments and can be treated successfully with acupuncture & cupping.

With Myotherapy incorporating manual therapy such as hands on, dry needling (similar to acpuncture) and cupping, there’s no wonder many elite athetes come into our clinic myoactive for pain relief.

Dry needling and cupping will be a key component to the 2021 Games in quite a way that it will leave its mark. Watch many athletes having these cupping marks all over them from track and field supports to swimming, basketball and much more!

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