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How to perform a glute bridge correctly!

Glute Bridge Hack 🧠

Glute bridges are a basic bodyweight movement. All too often though, we aren’t doing them correctly! AND even the most advanced exercises needs to return to that FUNDAMENTAL move. It’s called the Glute Bridge for a reason 😉 Not because random muscles are working, but because your GLUTES should be powering the movement! 💪

One of the things that happens most often is that, in an attempt to bridge up HIGHER, the lower back is used when it isn’t needed. And this attempt to push harder can end up in low back pain and not using the correct muscles. ⚡️ Why does this happen though? 🧐

Well, when we are focused on simply bridging up higher to replicate a movement, instead of focusing on the muscles that should be working, our bodies recruit whatever muscles are easily available to meet our demands! 👍

In the bottom photo, there is an increased demand on mobility out of an area that really shouldn’t be providing that mobility.

And overtime, it could cause an overuse of muscles that aren’t meant to handle the load. This is often happening because our body takes the path of least resistance to do the movements that we ask of it.

And this process of compensation could be happening due to our hips being tight and our glutes and abdominals being underactive. 😅

In the photo on top, the key difference is a posterior pelvic tilt. Abs can be engaged, hyperextension of the lumbar spine and crunching on the cervical spine prevented and the glutes are giving the correct power to the bridge and hip extension. 👏

To do the posterior pelvic tilt, feel the space between your low back and the ground and push that space away so you are tilting your hips and pressing your low back into the ground. As you exhale, actively draw your belly button in toward your spine. Keeping the core engaged like this, peel away from the floor one vertebra at a time and bridge upwards and squeeze your butt!

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glute bridge
glute bridge

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