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Use your muscles!

Use your muscles!

Today’s hack goes to fixing joint locking when in a quadruped position, which will help your plank and you’ll finally see that arm muscle definition you were looking for!

Something quite extraordinary happens when you start to use your muscles, that is, that you start acquiring better load distribution and in this case 👉 a better joint alignment through wrist, elbow and shoulder.

Raise your hand, if you like to hang out on all fours while “sitting on your joints” rather than using your incredibly clever muscle co-contraction system? I used to! 👏

On the left, we can almost surely predict wrist, elbow and shoulder pain. On the right, you can clearly see the muscle engagement of the triceps and biceps. The pecs and serratus anterior are also working to lift that shoulder and upper body weight off the elbow and wrist!

Let’s be more like the photo on the right and you’ll see that planking won’t seem as hard anymore and your wrists, elbows and shoulders will be thanking you! 🙏 friendly reminder as therapists!

If you need assistance with using proper muscle activation and engagement instead of using your joints contact us today or book an appointment by clicking here.



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