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functional cupping

Functional Cupping, the new big treatment method

What is Functional Cupping?

Functional Release Cupping is a relatively new concept that works on applying cups in relevant areas and then integrating dynamic, functional movement to affect a positive change in movement restrictions.

By doing this, Functional Cupping aims to : Restore healthy, functioning movement. Decrease areas of restriction causing pain. Achieve client specific functional goals and movement. Better facilitate the release of connective tissue by recruiting motor pathways. Provide a new input to the nervous system; changing dysfunction, deformations and pain.

In simple terms we place a cup on the body where restriction is felt, then move that part through a comfortable range whilst slowly pushing it to the outer limits of that movement. As the tissues begin to soften, the range of movement increases until we reach a point where there is no more range to be gained.

Does it hurt?

Everybody experiences pain differently. The fundamentals of FRC do not allow for pain levels to reach more than 5/10 pain. The client is largely in control of their movement whilst the cups are on and thus they can dictate their own levels of discomfort.

This session works to restore specific movement patterns which may be limited during workouts, training, or everyday life. Please note this is only 10 minutes of the treatment, the rest is assessment, manual therapy and a strength & rehabilitation program.

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Functional Cupping
Functional Cupping, the new big treatment method 2

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