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Physiotherapy Vermont South

What is physiotherapy?

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy helps to restore movement and function throughout your life. This includes times when
patients are affected by injury, disability or when not functioning at optimal performance, whether during
sport or sitting at the desk for work.

More importantly as a profession, physiotherapy uses assessment, diagnosis to provide a comprehensive
treatment plan, that helps to not only treat the presenting injury or issue, but PREVENT the re-occurrence of
future disability or injury.

The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA, 2022), state that physiotherapists “help improve quality of life,
to get the most out of life”. As first contact practitioners, similarly to Myotherapy & Osteopathy, you don’t
need a referral form the doctor to see a physiotherapists. However most often, physiotherapist work with
other allied health professionals and medical practitioners to achieve the greatest outcome for patients as a

How physiotherapist treat?

Physiotherapists or “physio’s” use a wide range of modalities to help treat conditions. This includes;
– exercise programs to guide mobility, strength and stability – including pilates.
– mobilisation of joins to help aid with pain tolerance and stiffness
– soft tissue work including massage, dry needling.
– neurological muscle re-education and activation following neurological deficits.

As a degree qualified profession via the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), similar to
myotherapists and osteopaths, physiotherapist use the latest and reviewed evidence based practice to assess,
diagnose and treat issues. This keeps the latest and most relevant treatment techniques at the forefront of
physiotherapy at MyoActive.

what is physiotherapy?
what is physiotherapy?

Types of physiotherapists?

Physiotherapist treat a wide range of areas of health. This includes musculoskeletal and sports, pain science,
women’s & men’s pelvic health, occupational health and safety, hydrotherapy and aquatic, rehabilitation
pilates, neurological and cardiorespiratory.

This makes physiotherapists able to treat people from all age groups and for a wide range of conditions.
Physiotherapists may also be found in private practice, disability sector or the public health hospital space,
who all liaise together to ensure a return to function pre-injury, for example after surgery.

Physiotherapy at MyoActive?

At MyoActive, the physiotherapy team will always listen to the whole picture, gain a clear understanding of
your issues and use a range of hands on treatments and exercise programs tailored specifically to your needs.
Uniquely the gym space provided, with the latest equipment, provides an area for rehabilitative programs to
be completed, whilst gaining real time feedback from a physio, that can help improve range of motion,
stability, strength and control.

Physiotherapy will continue to always be about putting the patients’ needs and wants first in order to improve
their movement, function and therefore life. We tailor all our treatment plans to match your goals, of all
shapes and sizes.

Book and visit MyoActive today, to see Terry the physiotherapist today.



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